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Never Use Wet Gear Again.

Professional road-racers qualifying for a national or firefighters answering a midnight call – comfort is key to keeping them focused. For athletes and active professionals, sweaty gear pulls attention from the task at hand and can cause a loss of focus on that last lap or the next play. Plus, who wants to perform in a suit weighed down by sweat? The Hand-Dry system is the answer: It quickly and thoroughly dries any suit that can’t be traditionally washed or ventilated.

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How to use the Hang-dry on Fire Fighting Gear.

Who Can Use Hang-Dry®?

Do you play sports like hockey or surfing?

Do you race cars or motorcycles?

If your suit is made from anything that can’t be cleaned in a traditional washer, you can definitely Hang-Dry® it!

Working in Wet Gear Puts You At Risk

Water, perspiration and other contaminants can cause harmful bacteria growth and induce mold and mildew in any poorly-dried gear. To prevent bacteria and mold growth, gear must always be dry before being stored or packed for travel. In some extreme cases unsanitary gear can even lead to MRSA. For firefighters entering extremely hot environments, a dry suit is mandatory because any trapped moisture can turn into steam and can cause severe injuries.

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What Kind of Materials Can You Hang-Dry®?

If your suit is made out of any of these materials you can use Hang-Dry® to stay safe, focused, and comfortable:

  • Neoprene
  • Nomex
  • Leather Racing Suits
  • Fencing and Hockey Gear
  • Hunting/Skiing/Snowboarding
  • And many more

Ready to Hang-Dry?

Don’t reduce the lifetime of your suit with sweat, water, mildew or bacteria. Order your Hang-Dry® today and shipping is on us!